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The History Behind FAC

Full Armor Consulting is the result of numerous request from customers, and business associates, wanting to know how to increase their sales within the Veterans Administration marketplace. Information was frequently requested about how to manage their government contracts and marketing their products in this space.

With over 20 years of sales and management experience, Full Armor Consulting has put together a team that is experienced in business analysis, marketing, sales training, sales management, and setting up and managing government contracts.

Barney Nubbie

Full Armor Consulting was founded in 2015 by Barney Nubbie. Graduating in 1993 from Northwest Technical Institute with a degree in Systems Analysis and Design, Mr. Nubbie has built an outstanding reputation in the business community for business process analysis, sales management, sales team training, and guiding businesses through the process of introducing and marketing products.

Serving as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a manufacturer and distributor of durable medical equipment, and respiratory and sleep supplies, Mr. Nubbie’s team of professionals has increased sales over 20% each of the last several years. This happened through developing and implementing sales processes and procedures, targeted marketing and developing customer relationships.

Kimberly Laguna

Kimberly Laguna

Product Marketing Professional

Kimberly Laguna is an authentic, passionate and compassionate woman. Kim is caring and has your interest at best. She has more than 17 years’ experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant, Designer of Surgical Wear in south Florida. Her specialty is in lymphedema where she has been cer fied for the past 10 years. She treats patients in the privacy of their home where she can give them one on one care and develop a special relationship. Kim now has the privilege to helping women post-mastectomy for lymphedema, educatioon and preventioon of lymphedema. A few years ago Kim designed and manufactured Tender Fit. TENDER FIT is specialty breast surgery wear for any breast or chest surgeries. Kim sells to women all around the world on Etsy, many of her
hometown Pharmacies and Veterans Medical Supply which distribute nationally to VA hospitals. She also designed and manufactured ALLASSO, which are post- surgical vests for a variety male top
surgeries. Now in partnership with HOME HEALTH FAST, Kim is able to provide selected, high quality items for medical professionals, patient’s, assisted living facilitates, and others in an affordable, timely manner.

Alyssa Aviles

Alyssa Aviles

Graphics & Website Designer

Alyssa Aviles, also known as ” Lyss” is a professional Photographer, Graphic Designer and WordPress Website Designer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s her mission to help business owners create a visual brand that attracts their ideal audience and converts to big sales. She want your business to thrive! Why? Because profitable businesses have the ability to help others and create meaningful change. A born creative, she has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Art and Hospitality Management with an additional degree in Graphic Design. She’s been a professional photographer for more than 10 years & a designer for 6. Her favorite thing to do is help others step up their game by creating iconic logos, stylish websites, and brands that tell a story. 

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